Personal Accident and Short Term Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurance: financial security if you're unable to work through illness or injury – exclusive to NICEIC Insurance customers.

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Protection for your livelihood that covers incidents at work and beyond

Would you be able to cover your monthly bills if you suffered a serious accident or were unable to work due to injury or illness?

With personal accident and short term income protection insurance, you will receive a lump sum or help to replace your monthly income for up to twelve months if the worst should happen.1

We're not just talking about injuries at work – a back injury on the golf course, a DIY incident at home, or a nasty illness like pneumonia. To protect your income from the unexpected, you can cover all these eventualities quickly and easily.

Cover options to suit your needs

Working with a leading specialist insurer, Covéa, we've developed two affordable levels of contractors personal accident insurance and short term income protection:

  • Contractors personal accident insurance for as little as £12 per month (plus insurance premium tax, IPT); or
  • Combined personal accident and short term income protection cover for £52.80 per month (plus IPT).

Exclusive to registered contractors with NICEIC Insurance, you can add this vital protection to your existing contractors cover as an optional upgrade. Get in touch.

Please request this cover when getting a quote if you are a new customer.

Put us to the test

Our FREE no-obligation insurance health check will compare the cover, service and price you're getting with what we can provide. We'll identify if you're missing out on valuable enhanced benefits – and potentially save you money.

If you prefer to do things yourself, you can get a quote and buy online – quickly and conveniently. 


If you are an NICEIC registered contractor you will receive a 10% discount and did you know 60% of contractors buying through us have paid less than £354 *2

Key benefits of contractors personal accident insurance at a glance*3

Personal accident/death cover as an extension to the contractors policy

Benefits - Level 1

Benefits - Level 2

Accidental death



Permanent total disability









Permanent loss of sight in both eyes



Permanent loss of sight in one eye



Permanent loss of use of one limb



Permanent loss of speech



Permanent loss of hearing in both ears



Permanent loss of hearing in one ear






Hospitalisation (maximum 45 days and after a minimum of 24 hours)

Extended hospitalisation (for stays longer than 14 days)





A major fracture of;

Upper leg; vertebral body; pelvis; skull


Lower leg hand/foot









Dislocation of;

Spine back hip

Knee, ankle shoulder

Any other joint










For more information on the levels of cover provided under short term income protection and personal accident, please call us.

The Power Behind Your Business

NICEIC Insurance is here to help you with all your business insurance needs – from electrical contractor insurance, personal accident and short-term income protection to van insurance and premises insurance – we've got you covered.

Unlike many direct insurers or comparison sites, we're here to provide expert advice. We'll explain the finer details of your electrical contractors insurance cover, so you know exactly what you're protected for. This should give you peace of mind, leaving you to focus on looking after your customers.

Our support doesn't stop there. We're on-hand to guide you through the process of making changes to your cover – mid-term or at renewal, should your circumstances change. But, if you wish to do things yourself, our customer portal puts you in control. Download your documents, make adjustments and renew your policies online.

And, should the worst happen and you need to make a claim, we will help to make sure it's handled as quickly as possible.


Personal accident/death cover as an extension to the contractors policy

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Related FAQs

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Do I Need Personal Accident Insurance?

Whether you take out personal accident cover is purely down to personal choice. Contractors and tradespeople typically take it out because they may work in higher-risk environments like construction sites, where accidents are more likely to happen compared to lower risk trades or businesses.

What does Personal Accident Insurance Cover?

Personal accident insurance is designed to provide financial compensation in the event of serious injury or death caused by an accident. It can cover medical expenses and lost income or pay out a lump sum for serious, permanent injury or death. The amount it pays out depends on the level of cover you buy.

How much personal accident insurance should I have?

The level of personal accident cover you take out is entirely your choice, but you do need to think about how much your loved ones might need to pay the bills if you suffer serious injury or death while at work. At NICEIC Insurance, we offer two levels of personal accident insurance to choose from, or you can get in touch for advice and a quote.

Is there an age limit cover for personal accident and income protection?

Cover is available up to 75 years of age.

Do contractors need income protection insurance?

Whether you take out income protection insurance as a contractor or tradesperson is a personal choice. Remember, though, that personal accident and short-term income protection insurance is designed to help replace lost income if you are ill or injured and unable to work. So, when deciding whether to take out this cover, think about how you would pay the bills if you were unable to work and earn for an extended period due to illness or injury. At NICEIC Insurance, we've made it easy to add personal accident and short-term income protection cover to your main contractors insurance policy at a competitive price, so you can protect your livelihood. It is important to say that not only will you will be covered if you have an accident or illness whilst at work, you will also be covered in your spare time – for example, if you are injured whilst playing sport or at the gym and are unable to work.

Do you really need income protection insurance?

That depends on whether you could pay your regular monthly bills and expenses if you could not work and earn for an extended period. If you think being unable to work for months, for instance, would put you in financial difficulty, then you do need to consider income protection insurance. At NICEIC Insurance, we've made it easy to add income protection cover to your main contractors insurance policy at a competitive price.

How much income protection insurance do I need?

The level of income protection cover you need depends on your circumstances – and, crucially, the level of financial support you might need if you are left unable to work for a prolonged period due to accident, injury or illness. In simple terms, you should take out enough income protection to cover the monthly bills and expenses that are unavoidable and which will still need to be paid if you are unable to work. If you are unsure, get in touch for free, confidential advice.


1 In order for cover to be valid, you must be off work for at least the qualification period and be signed off work by a doctor.

2 Click here to view our pricing disclaimer.

3 As with most insurance – terms, conditions, and exclusions apply. You can request full details by simply contacting us.




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